Dharma Life’s COVID-19 Response Initiative

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, India has gone into a country-wide lockdown. In these unprecedented circumstances, when people, nations and the world are facing unprecedented health and economic challenges, the situation is even more dire for the less privileged communities, which are struggling with their day-to-day reality. The most pressing issues are:

In addition to the immediate threat to health and wellbeing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many nations run the risk of falling back on other development issues because the shift in focus and funding. About 400 million people working in the informal economy in India are at risk of falling deeper into poverty due to this crisis (ILO).

Today, Dharma Life is repurposing its network of over 16,000 rural Dharma Life Entrepreneurs (thereof >12’000 women) and change-makers into a crisis response force in order to protect and support the most vulnerable people living in rural India. We aim to tackle the short-, medium and long-term issues resulting from this pandemic on four fronts:

Analysing the impact and challenges at a rural level through systematic, actionable research serving as a decision-making tool for Dharma Life and others.

Offering a credible source of information, providing issue resolution support and driving behaviour change on the most pressing issues.

Deliver & Supply:
Mapping demand and supply for essential goods in the villages through the DLE network and leverage the existing Dharma Life distribution infrastructure to deliver and collect goods.

Deliver (online) learning training modules for DLEs and beneficiaries to help developing the skillsets required in this new reality.

This is the foundation of the ‘We for Village’ Alliance, which brings together a network of global partners to support the most vulnerable populations to survive and thrive through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond with a sustainable and scalable model.

This project will transform the Dharma Life model, enabling us to sustain the network of entrepreneurs and Dharma Life as an organization.

We are looking for funding, business and field response partners which can support us in implementing and scaling this model across India and beyond.
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